Divinity: Original Sin Review

The main characters are two “Source Hunters,” warriors trained to root out “Sourcerors” (see: Evil Wizards). The player will customize their Source Hunters at the beginning, choosing from a variety of archetypes. While this choice will determine the character’s starting stats and abilities, the game is classless. As characters gain levels, players are free to [...]

Watch Dogs Review

Many games make the player feel powerful through physical strength, firepower or supernatural abilities. Ubisoft Montreal’s Watch Dogs places the player in a world where power is measured in secrets and control. Whether you’re breaking into a secure server without ever entering the building or blacking out an entire neighborhood to cover an advance on [...]

Wildstar Open Beta Hands-On

With the release date fast approaching, NCSOFT has thrown open the gates to its long awaited MMORPG, Wildstar. I dove into the newly open beta to see if it delivered on the hype.

Alien: Isolation: Creating the Cast – Dev Diary

Hot damn the characters in this game look fantastic. Each trailer they release is getting better and better. Alien: Isolation is a first-person survival horror title in which players find themselves in an atmosphere of constant dread and mortal danger as an unpredictable, ruthless Xenomorph is stalking and killing deep in the shadows. How’s that [...]

Let’s Manhunt: Part 4 “Now I Have a Crowbar Ho Ho Ho”

As the thunderstorm rages on, so do we. No stupid chained lock will hold us back, although it kinda does for a while. We start of badly with a couple whacks on our head, but we get the rhythm of the night going soon enough. Also it’s a duel of the crowbars in an arena [...]

Let’s Manhunt: Part 3 – “Thunderstorm is Stormy”

Hey! How are you? Doing well I hope. Thanks for coming by to check out episode three of our Let’s Manhunt. In this episode I finally sneak up on someone and kill them while they pee. Also a huge thunderstorm kicks up outside my apartment and has me a little confused. Anywhooo….hope you enjoy!

Let’s Manhunt: Part 2 “James Go Down The Chuuuute”

We’re just getting warmed up here, and I really need to learn how to sneak up on enemies. Welcome to part two of our Let’s Manhunt where we learn the differences between plastic and glass. Which is better for helping to clean up the environment?

Review: Amazing Spider-Man 2

The curse of the Spider-Man games continues. Beenox, despite doing a couple of good things with the Spider-Man franchise in the past, have yet again delivered a subpar Spider-Man game, another in a long line of disappointments. Given Amazing Spider-Man 2 is a game that runs concurrent with the movie of the same title, it’s [...]

Let’s Manhunt: Part One

We are kicking off a brand new Let’s Play here at Gamealism and we have decided to go with Manhunt, the brutal classic for the PS2 from Rockstar Games. It was a tough decision between this and God Hand, but the lure of suffocating people with plastic bags was too strong. I haven’t played this [...]

Sunset Overdrive – The First Look

Thanks to the awesomeness of the internet breaking embargoes, Insomniac has officially released the first gameplay video for their upcoming third-person shooter, Sunset Overdrive. Not much has been said about the game since it was first revealed at E3 last year, but this new 4 minute video gives the lowdown on what you can expect [...]

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