My Gears 3 Midnight Launch Experience

So I went to the midnight launch at my local GameStop last night to pick up the limited edition of Gears of War 3. I  was in line for  2 hours in the pouring rain, with no umbrella and just a hoodie.  It was cold and wet and overall, just not a fun time, but thanks to the Global TV app, I did get to catch up on the first episode of Survivor. At about 11:30pm they finally let the first 20 or so people into the store to wait, which moved me to the door behind a  group of 4 guys. I figured it would only take about 10-15 minutes to get through those 20 people, so I was looking at roughly another 40 minutes waiting out in the pouring rain.

As we were waiting there, a BMW pulls up along the curb, beside the 40 or 45 person deep line and sits there for a bit.  After a few more minutes, it pulls over to the lot and parks in the handicapped spot.  Not a big deal I figure since it was around 11:55pm and there’s not going to be much traffic at that time. Then this  short guy with gold chains gets out, walks over to the line and stands sort of beside and sort of in front of me. I  look around and no one says anything. Okay.

I looked down at him and while he’s avoiding eye contact I said to him “Yeaaaah, you’re not  getting ahead of me” and he goes “why don’t you say that to these  guys?” pointing to the four guys in front of me. My first thought was maybe he needed more help than just that parking space.  I replied “because  they’ve been in line for 2 fucking hours,” slightly annoyed by his hubris and absurdity. Still not looking at me he said “Whatever.   What are you gonna do? Push me out of line?” I looked at him and said  “I’m not going to touch you, I’m just letting you know.” Then he  started mumbling “… tough guy…” and other wonderfully endearing terms. Two hours I had been standing there in the freezing, pouring rain, and suddenly this arrogant prick comes out of nowhere to insult me? What. The. Fuck.

After a couple minutes, he took a step behind  me and waited there in front of two other guys who had been there for  just about as long as I had. About ten minutes later, the employees opened the door to the store to let some people out and they let the 4 guys in front of me and myself in. We waited in the store for about another 10 minutes before the line moved at all, not that I minded, being out of the rain was nice.  Once more than a few customers left, they opened the doors to let in some more folks.

When they  opened the doors, I heard some yelling and of course, the guy  pushed his way into the store while the employees at the door were  telling him to go to the back of the line. He was all “Whatever, man” and lined up behind the two guys he was in front of outside.  Whether they had eventually said something to him as well, I don’t know. The employees then yelled to the two guys at the cash and said -while pointing- making sure everyone in the store looked right at him, “When this guy gets up there, don’t serve him. He cut in front of  everyone” and the guy had the nerve- or just the limited mental capacity to understand- and goes “No I didn’t.”   No, of course you didn’t, and the 40 people you cut in front of didn’t see you do it either.
Standing in line, looking at him, I thought to myself, “No, you didn’t cut in front of everyone.  You didn’t cut in front of me, you jerkoff.” So I  bought my copy and walked out of the store, saying thanks to the employees at the door- which was actually more of a “sorry you guys have to put up with shit like this” than anything else really.

When I left, the guy was  still standing in line, looking at his phone as if nothing had happened.  I seriously feel bad for the guys who were working at the GameStop last night.  Why one self-entitled asshole like that has to ruin something that they are doing for everyone is beyond my comprehension.   Are you that much an asshole that you’re just going to try and piss off all these people so you can buy your precious videogame 20 minutes earlier? I wonder how many other times and places this crapweasel has pulled that stunt and gotten away with it.  I’m guessing plenty since he is apparently still thinking he can.

Anyways.  Gears.  Hooray.