Adding Button Symbols to MW3 Clan Tags

There seems to be a new phenomenon rolling through the Modern Warfare 3 servers.  I’m not sure if this little trick works for the PS3 or PC versions, but in the Xbox 360 version, players are able to add button symbols into their clan tags for a little-and somewhat- obnoxious pizazz. To pull off this feat of artistry, enter the Clan Tag menu and enter one of the two digit combinations listed below.  Once you have done that, back out of the menu and go back in.  Now there will be a [] symbol there.  Leave that and it will show up in game as the corresponding image.  You are then free to add either more images of 3 other letters.

Here are the Combination of letters to use and the outcome of each:

ÁP = Left Stick
ÁQ = Right Stick
ÁR = Left Trigger
ÁS = Right Trigger
ÁA = A Button
ÁB = B Button
ÁC = X Button
ÁD = Y Button
ÁU = DPAD Down
ÁV = DPAD Left
ÁW = DPAD Right
ÁE = Left Bumper
ÁF = Right Bumper
ÁN = Start Button
ÁO = Back Button