End of Games – Jurassic Park: The Game

The End of Games features here on Gamealism are discussions about the final scenes of games. It shouldn’t need to be said that there are going to be spoilers, but someone somewhere will say “omg spoilers” so allow me to say it first. OMG SPOILERS! If you do not want the game spoiled, please do not continue reading. Otherwise, jump right in and let us know what you thought of the ending.

If you’ve made it through all the button mashing and quick time events of the previous three episodes to get to the final scenario in Jurassic Park, you’ll be confronted with a tense show down between Gerry, Nima, Yoder, and a T-Rex. The final fate of the Barbasol can remains to be determined and it’s still up for grabs. As Yoder starts giving Nima the whatfor across the chops, the T-Rex shows up and interrupts the beat down. As it approaches, Harding gives the can a kick towards to docks and Yoder gives chase not wanting to lose his payday.

Billy makes the quick grab it before it falls into the drink and the T-Rex sneaks up on him as T-Rex’s are known to do. Once Yoder is T-Rex chow, the can falls back into play and everyone splits up. Now is when it comes down to decision time. As Jesse is hanging from the Skywalk, she pleads with Nima for help as the T-Rex approaches. Nima can now either A) help Jesse back up to the Skywalk or B) leave Jesse to her own devices and jump to grab the can of Dino Embryos. If you grab the can, you will get one ending, if you decide against getting the can and save Jesse, you’ll get a different ending. Which is the better all depends on how you feel about certain characters, but suffice it to say, there’s no “real” bad ending.

Well maybe for one person.

Good Ending

This is the ending you get if you choose to save Jesse and leave the can, which while saving Jesse will get crushed by the T-Rex’s foot. Nima will give Jesse a pull up to the Skywalk and as the T-Rex goes for the pair, Gerry will give it a whack on its hind quarters which in turn leads to a large chase between the T-Rex’s jaws and Gerry’s flesh. After the chase scene, Jesse and Nima will be on the boat waiting, as Gerry outruns the beast along the dock and dives onto the boat. As the trio sails away, Gerry and Nima argue about the embryos and how Nima didn’t get the money for her daughter. Jesse interrupts the two as she nosily searches the boats chest and finds a pile of cash inside. It’s smiles and sunshine all around as they sail off into the sunset, obviously not concerned about the people- namely Dodgeson-  that will eventually come looking for their money and most likely kill them all to get it back.

Bad Ending

This is the ending that you’ll get if Nima decides to go for the can instead of helping Jesse. Nima will jump down from the window in the Skywalk and snag the Barbasol can. As she picks it up, she realizes that the T-Rex has noticed her and she freezes. I’m pretty sure at that point she takes a huge crap in her pants and the T-Rex turns to approach. Frozen in fear and possibly pooped pants, the T-Rex effortlessly leans down and snags Nima in its jaws and tosses her in the air. Catching her in its mouth and swallowing her in one gulp, the T-Rex crushes the can and her skull it the same time. Following that, the T-Rex focuses on Jesse again but Gerry jumps in to distract it with a whack.

From here the rest of the game continues the same with both endings until the run along the dock. Once Gerry hops in the boat, Jesse and him will reflect on Nima’s poor choice and talk about moving back to Dallas after they go visit Nima’s daughter in Costa Rica. I’m sure just after they sail into the sunset, their plans may change a little after snooping Jess decides to open the chest on the boat and find the wads of cash inside.

So there you have the 2 different endings that can be found depending on how you play out one little scenario. I must say I’m more of a fan of the “good ending” although Nima really was a loose cannon right up til the end and grabbing the can over saving Jess may have been the route she would have taken. Then again, Nima did tell her to stick close and she would protect her, so who knows.