End of Games – Neverdead

The End of Games features here on Gamealism are discussions about the final scenes of games. It shouldn’t need to be said that there are going to be spoilers, but someone somewhere will say “omg spoilers” so allow me to say it first. OMG SPOILERS! If you do not want the game spoiled, please do not continue reading. Otherwise, jump right in and let us know what you thought of the ending.
Author: Jeff McAllister

There were many things that didn’t really make a whole lot of sense during the course of Neverdead such as how did a demon hunter have a pair of machine guns 500 years ago? How does Bryce’s body seemingly fall apart from nothing more than a strong breeze, and why hasn’t he bothered to brush his teeth in the past 126 years? That’s just a taste of the many questions that will tweak your melon not only throughout the game, but especially the ending.

So there you go, the final ending scene of the horror that was Neverdead. As soon as the final scene starts, it seems Astaroth is amazed that you’re still alive after he removed his eye from you and has impaled you on his tentacle. Oddly enough he wasn’t amazed that you were still alive after the 200 billionth time that your body fell apart during the battle you just finished having with him.

Regardless, once you flail uselessly at him from your impalement perch, we see a quick flashback to show just how Bryce is supposedly still kicking. It seems that after the equally horrific boss battle with Alex, when Bryce closed Alex’s eyes, he “absorbed “ his eye into his hand, just after giving him the peace sign. Again, what was up with that? So with Alex’s red eye in his hand, it seemed to have given Bryce another bout of invulnerability, although the problem with that is Alex wasn’t immortal- he almost was. If you notice during the battle with Alex he was wearing a collar and to defeat him, you had to chop off his head. So it would seem to be that while Alex could regenerate limbs, decapitating him would be his downfall.

Sure this could be why Bryce is still alive after the battle with Astaroth since he only gets it through the chest, although- again- it wouldn’t explain the kajillion times that your head fell off during that battle. Anywhoo, Astaroth flips you into the air and as you come soaring down, you stab your giant OLFA Crafting Knife into his face – seriously his sword is a giant OLFA knife. Check out the image below.

Once you give him the whatfor in his face, rocks start falling and Bryce suddenly appears over Arcadia to block a falling stone. Both Nikki and Arcadia start to retreat after Astaroth grabs Bryce with a tentacle and says that he will drag him to hell. During the girls withdrawal, Bryce yells to Nikki and tells her “to go be a big star!” which is seriously one of the oddest things anyone could have yelled right then and there. Arcadia stops to look at the Demon’s Nest when they are a good distance away and it is slowly floating into the sky, piece by piece. I guess Hell is in the sky?

As the credits begin to roll, it has Nikki on stage dancing and singing a song, which honestly I have no idea what the point was. Ok, I guess to show she was a big star? Who knows, she was already singing at a show when you found her and there were billboards of her all over the city. I’m assuming that your low-key bumpkin singer doesn’t get their face plastered all over the city, so all signs would point to her already being a big star, well before Bryce told her to be one.

After the credits roll, we get to see Arcadia in the NADA offices, very similar to the offices we fucked up immensely during the game, although they sure do look nice and clean now. Her cellphone rings and gets a call from an unknown number. Of course it’s Bryce on the phone and he calls her Sweet Cheeks before saying that it’s hell over where he is. Well if there’s any consolation about going to hell, I guess it’s that there’s pretty good cell phone reception there. From there, Arcadia smirks and the game is finally over, leaving no doubt to the fact that Bryce is most definitely alive.