First Look at The Walking Dead Game

The Walking Dead TV series has just finished up its second season and to help celebrate, the folks over at Telltale Games have released the first trailer for their upcoming game based on the Image comic book of the same name.

The trailer shows a few seconds of actual gameplay and just how the game incorporates the 2D imagery of the comics in a 3D world. Much like most of Telltale’s games, The Walking Dead retains that “cartoony” look, but has a harshness to it, perfect for the subject matter of the series.

What is known about the game so far is that you will play as Lee Everett, a convicted criminal, who has been given a second chance in the zombay-fied world, and that the game will take place before the meeting of Rick Grimes, which we can surmise to be a prequel of sorts to the series.

I have personally never read the comic (and by extension, probably why I enjoy the show so much) but I have always been interested in it, much as I am this game. Two reasons why I am very much so looking forward to this is that, of course as stated, 1) I love the series and would love to play a Non-Facebook game about it, and 2) because I think I am one of the few people who really liked their previous game, Jurassic Park.

While it is known that The Walking Dead game won’t follow the same mechanics as Jurassic Park: The Game did; in that it was basically a button press-a-thon during a story that was being told, but that it will take a different route with how it is controlled. What that route is remains to be seen, but I have faith- besides, it can’t be worse than Jurassic Park’s control scheme, right?


The first episode is planned to land on XLBA/PSN/PC sometime in late April and will cost 400 MS Points and $4.99, respectively. The following four episodes will be available monthly, afterwards.