I Am Alive – Release Day Livestream

Ubisoft’s apocalyptic game, I Am Alive, follows a man as he traverses through the ruins of an obliterated city, searching for his wife and child, after the cataclysm known as the “Event” has taken place. After years of delays and reboots, the game is finally being released as part of the “Microsoft House Party” shindig and/or hoopla on Xbox Live Arcade, and to celebrate its long awaited arrival, Jeff will be live streaming the game on our channel over at Twitch.TV. Starting at 9pm EST time (on Wednesday, March 7th) we will fire up the game and play through it for a few hours to see what the hubbub is all about and to see if it was worth the long wait. If you’re on the fence about picking it up, or if you just want to watch Jeff curse at everything that moves, be sure to grab some popcorn, grab a drink, and swing by the channel to check it out!