Seaman Video Diary – Day 1: The Birth

Seaman for Sega Dreamcast

We are starting a new daily video feature here on Gamealism that will focus on the life and times of our new pet, the Seaman (that is, until we come up with a better name for our little fellows). Seaman is a game made for the SEGA Dreamcast that allows players to create somewhat disturbing little fish who have human faces, and it lets you take care of (and interact with) them while keeping their habitats clean and hospitable.

Just think of them as really creepy sea-monkeys that you can have conversations with.

Every day, when we check in on our little pals, we will record the events and upload them for you to see; honestly, we really have no idea how well this is going to go, and it will be a learning experience for us all. The first video has an explanation of the Seaman from none other than Leonard Nimoy, and it goes on to show how the Gillmen come to fruition from an egg, and how the Nautilus (the weird hermit crab-like thing) gives its life for the Gillmen to grow.

It’s all really weird.