Dragon’s Lair Secret Achievements

In the XBLA version of Dragon’s Lair that was released today, there are twelve achievements available; two of which are secret achievements. Since we’re the helpful type around here, and they are simple to get, we put together this video and instructions on how to get each. Aside from these two, there is also another that you can get for playing the game on June 19th, the game’s anniversary. If you don’t feel like waiting a month to get it legit, just go ahead and disconnect from your network and change the date to June 19th to get yourself an easy extra 30G.

The two secret achievements are One More Quarter and Bumbling Knight.

For One More Quarter, simply go to settings and turn the Arcade Monitor to ON and start the game. Once you start playing, you will receive this.

For the Bumbling Knight achievement, start a new game and die 5 times in a row and then exit to the main menu.