Gas Guzzlers: Car Combat Launch Trailer

While some games in the past have tried to make a racing/combat hybrid title work in a more mature fashion than kiddie kart racers, they always fell a bit short of the brutally merciless mark. Enter Gas Guzzlers from developer Gamepires, which brings the frenetic pace of racing games such as Need For Speed and mixes it together with the brutal battle style of Twisted Metal.

Available starting today from EA Origin, Gamefly, Impulse and Cenega for $31.99, the gorgeous hybrid of death and speed is a game that hearkens back to classic combat racing gameplay, built with an entirely original engine.

Race along over 150 miles of scenic roadway as you compete for honor, prizes and survival. Players can choose from dozens of vehicles, weapons and power-ups, all while earning points to make your vehicle even more deadly.