Minecraft For Xbox 360 Gets Canadians To Spend Extra Dollars

Wednesday saw the fourth and final release from Microsoft’s Arcade NEXT event, which was the long awaited console version of the popular PC title, Minecraft. Pulling in as one of the most expensive XBLA games released to date at 1600 Points ($20 in real world money) it seems that if you live in Canada, you’re going to end up paying more than just the $20 due to Microsoft Canada’s point system that Canadian users are forced to use.

While U.S. gamers can simply get a 1600 Point card at the nearest Gamestop, card denominations in Canada are a little different. Here we can get either 1400 points or 2800 points. The 1400 run for $19.99 and the 2800 for $39.99. So basically if you don’t have a credit card and are forced to use point cards, you’re going to have to spend $40 to get a $20 game. Okay, but say you do have a credit card or a Paypal account set up and decide to get the points from Xbox.com. Users can get 500 Points for $7.25, 1000 Points for $14.50, and the amazing deal of 2000 points for $29.00.

So with those choices available, to purchase the 1600 points needed for the game, you’ll need to either buy 2000 Points for $29.00 or buy a 1400 Points card at your local store and then go on to Xbox.com and buy 500 Points for $7.25. Either way, you’re going to end up having to pay $10 more than the game actually costs. At least you’ll have some left over points from the purchase to buy some virtual items for your avatar—-maybe a Minecraft pickaxe or Creeper head for $3 each.