More Videogame Ring and Text Tones For Your Phone

After our initial post about gaming ring and text tones went over pretty well, we decided to do a follow up with some more sounds that you may enjoy having on your phone. This time around, we are going with some that are a little more obscure and hard to find. For that reason, we actually had to create them ourselves from game sound files and upload them via Hope you enjoy, and if there are any others that you would like to have populate your phone, leave a comment and we’ll see about getting them added to the next list!

And of course, as usual, these are all free!

Text Tones
X-Men Arcade – Colossus Power-up
Ghosts and Goblins – Level Start
Mortal Kombat – Toasty!
Sonic the Hedgehog – Rings
Splinter Cell – Night Vision Sound
Altered Beasts – Rise From Your Grave

Special Bonus: Gears of War – WHO WANTS TOAST?!

Ring Tones
Ghosts and Goblins – Stage Music
Binding of Isaac – Basement Theme
NES Batman – Stage One Theme
Burger Time – NES Theme
Jackal – Stage One Theme

To download the tones, simply hit “show in my ringtones” and it will take you to the download page. Select whether you want it for iPhone or in .MP3 format and it will download for you right away. If you select for iPhone, it will open in iTunes and automatically add it to your tones library.

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