YAIBA Trailer – Inafune Returns With Ninjas, Zombies, and Mechs Oh My!

Producer Keiji Inafune has announced that his development studio Comcept is in development on a brand new game project code named YAIBA. Best known as the creator of Mega Man and the producer of Onimusha, Dead Rising, and Resident Evil, Inafune says he felt something was missing—something and he felt what people expected from him the most was a new zombie game.

“Everywhere I go, people ask me, ‘When is it coming?’” Inafune said. “There are so many zombie games out there, yet people ask me for a new Inafune zombie game. I am grateful for people’s respect for me as the ‘zombie game creator’ and to fulfill that I must answer their expectations with YAIBA.”

Glad to see that Inafune is getting back on the zombie horse (ew) and is aiming to deliver a new title that can only spring from the creative genius he possesses. From the looks of the trailer that can be found below, it looks to be a zombie slaughterfest in a comic book style of design. Here’s hoping we’ll get to see more soon!