How to Get Xbox Smartglass to Run on Android Tablets

We’ve been hearing a lot of talk recently about when the Smartglass app (which allows players and users to use their WP8, Android, and iOS mobile devices for additional information or as a keyboard for surfing the net) for Xbox LIVE will be released. Some have said not till 2013 and some have said that it was this week.

Well, the Smartglass app is now available for Android and can be nabbed through the Google Play store. For those of you who are of the non-android species, the iOS version is supposedly in certification and should be along any day, and hopefully will be a lot less problematic than the Android version.

For those with Android phones that are running 4.0 or higher, you’re in the clear, but if you have a phone that is on a lower OS, it will not work for you. Likewise if you have a tablet and want to try out Smartglass on a bigger screen than a phone offers; you’re also out of luck, as the app does not support tablets for some truly odd reason.

Well, that’s to say that it doesn’t officially support tablets, but there is a work around if you’re interested. Hit the jump to learn all about it.

To get the work around, you won’t need to do any fancy hacking or rooting or anything like that and the process it quite painless and quick. I’m a Luddite when it comes to this stuff and I had it up and running on my tablet in minutes.

**Before we continue, I am neither endorsing or saying that doing this is totally safe. I have no idea whatsoever if it is or not. I’ve done it however, and all is fine so far, but if you brick your tablet or something, don’t blame me! Use your best discretion if this is something that you are comfortable with doing before you do it.**

First off you’ll need to download the Smartglass .APK. Just Google search for it and there will be a number of sites that are hosting the file. It’s about 16 Megs in size.

Secondly, go to this site to learn how to set your tablet up to install the .APK. Basically all you need to do is set up the MobileGo following the instructions in the previous link and then click “Install” and point to the Smartglass .APK. That’s all there is to it! Pretty simple to get the app working on a tablet and it does indeed work as you can see from the screenshots taken from my tablet.

You’ll also notice that although Forza Horizon is supposed to be Smartglass enabled, but it’s not at the time of writing this. You can see that under the Batman Begins info it says “XBOX SMARTGLASS” while it doesn’t for Forza. Word is that the Smartglass ability for Forza was pulled due to receiving too many errors, but should be back up and running soon.

For a list of all the movies and apps that are currently enabled to make use of the Smartglass app, you can visit the Smartglass site.