Let’s Play: White Noise Online *SPOILER* I Screamed. A Lot.


Sorry about the lack of ObsCure Let’s Play updates, but I haven’t had the time to record them in the past couple days. They will be returning tomorrow for that one person out there that actually enjoys watching them, but in the meantime, I DID, have a chance to record a different Let’s Play.

This is for the XBL Indie game White Noise Online. There are two versions, the online and the non-online, but both are a whopping dollar to buy. White Noise is basically a cartoonish version of Slender, you know that game that creeps the fuck out of you with a skinny guy in a suit.

Anyways, check out the video, see if you like it, throw down a dollar and give it a go for yourself, or join me in a co-op game so we can both scream like little girls.