Tomb Raider: Challenges and Map Location Guides

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In case some of our visitors are not aware, not only do I manage, but I am also a freelancer who does work for other sites. The majority of the work I do elsewhere is writing strategy and collectible guides over at From time to time I will post my guides that have been published for our readers here, in case they need an extra hand in particular games.

Within the new Tomb Raider game, there are plenty of collectibles that can be found on…uhm…Tomb Raider island. There are relics, GPS caches, documents, and more, but all of these can be found rather easily once you have the treasure maps which show all of their locations. I have put together a guide that will show you where each area’s treasure map is, as well as how to get it unscathed to make your collecting much more easier.

The other guide I have created for the raiding of tombs is a Challenges Guide. Every area of the game has secret challenges that can be completed to gain a boat load of extra experience for upgrading your skills (or skillz, depending where you’re from). This guide will show you what each challenge is and where to go to complete them all.

● Tomb Raider Challenges Guide
● Tomb Raider Treasure Map Locations Guide