Creepy Watson is Creepy


In the previous Adventure of Sherlock Holmes games, Dr. Watson had an uncanny knack of being one creepy bastard. He would appear closer to you whenever he was off screen and it was actually a little unnerving having him suddenly appear next to you. With the release of The Testament of Sherlock Holmes, Watson’s weird behaviour was corrected and he no longer would sneak up on you when you weren’t looking.

Due to the outcry of the ever fickle internet, and being ever the vigilant company to fans demands, Frogwares upcoming Sherlock Holmes game, Crimes & Punishments will have the option to let you have Watson behave in his old sneaky ways from the 2006 title.

Of course, if you haven’t realized, it is April Fools Day, but the Creepy Watson video included was too hilarious and we just had to post it with some explanation for it. We have even included a few screenshots of the upcoming game for good measure.