Dead Island Riptide: Weapon Duplication Glitch


There are times during Dead Island Riptide that having numerous amounts of the same weapon can come in handy. Whether it is because you like to toss them and sometimes they’ll get lost or if it’s because they are worth a lot to sell. There is a little trick you can do in Dead Island Riptide that will allow you duplicate the weapons you currently possess and allow you to carry many copies of them in case you just want to have an extra for backup or if you want to make a whole ton of money rather quickly.

The trick to doing this is to load up your game at a checkpoint where there are zombies close by. We chose to use the Military Base checkpoint in Henderson, but basically any checkpoint will work fine as long as there are zombies close. To double check that you will be able to pull this off, press Start and then select Load Last Checkpoint and make sure you restart where you are. Once you are sure that you will load up at the nearby checkpoint and not somewhere on the other side of the map, it’s time to go to work.

Simply open your inventory and drop the weapons that you want to make copies of. Toss them out on the ground and then go look for a close by zombie. Let them attack you until you die and when the “Time to Recover” countdown is ticking away, simply hit start and then “Load Last Checkpoint”. When you do, you will be back where you just were, with the weapons you dropped still in your inventory and the weapons you dropped still on the ground. It’s pretty simple to pull off but to not ruin your fun of the game or making it too easy; it should only be used in absolute emergencies.

Or not, I’m not your Dad.