Defiance: Day 2 Two Impressions



Day two certainly did not go nearly as well as day one did. When I first logged on today, the game downloaded a new patch which took about five or six minutes to install, but since then the game has been inexplicably unstable and for the majority, unplayable. I wanted to add some video to today’s article so I thought I’d do a quick Let’s Play of the action. You can see that at the end of the article. The day was full of the server not connecting, and when it did, it either disconnected soon after, or was horrendously laggy.

In general, today was a giant clusterfuck for Defiance.


During the morning hours, I was able to get on relatively pain free and was able to roam the world a bit on my new sweet quad-bike to get to some missions. The missions I completed were side missions and were of the “clear out this base” or “activate these items” variety.

I must say, I was surprised there has not been one “collect X number of items” missions so far, and I’m was quite impressed with that at least. Truth be told however, there are only two different enemies that are found in the world I have explored; these are Mutants and Hellbugs. Each have different varieties, but those are the only two “species”.

The issues I had from yesterday about not being able to make a clan and not being able to purchase “Bits” for other purchases did however work, if that counts for anything. My clan is called “Gamealism” for anyone out there that wants to join, and I spent a whopping 400 MS Points on Bits to see what the conversions was.


What it boils down to is the same as MS Points. To purchase 400 Bits, it will cost you 400 MS Points. So in normal terms, 400 points is $5 and as expected, there is nothing that costs that simple round number of a price. Items range from 160 Bits to 480 Bits, the latter being the helmets that look the best, of course, but $6 for a helmet is a little out there.

I wish I had more to report for day two, but sadly after getting disconnected this morning the game really shit the bed all day, and when I was able to get back online in the evening, it was so incredibly laggy, that unloading on enemies would drain their health, but they would still remain standing. When I would run around the corner to activate an objective item, I would suddenly be surrounded by a swarm of enemies and just get slaughtered.

Even trying to respawn or extract was impossible as the lag made pressing the button impossible and I was forced to watch my corpse lay there in black and white from above, just waiting to do something.


So I’m hoping that Day Three will be better, and I have no doubts that the game will get more stable as it gets sorted. When it works, it’s actually pretty fun, but I still have other things to figure out like just what the EGO Rating is, and how to actually invite someone into my clan.

Again, that clan name is “Gamealism”, if you are wanting to join.