Twitch.TV App Arrives in Canada for Xbox 360


[UPDATE] Please refer to this post for a workaround. Thanks!

A couple weeks ago the Twitch.TV live streaming app was finally launched on the Xbox 360 after months and months of being teased about its release. Unfortunately for gamers not living in the US of A, the service wasn’t available to them. As of today however, without so much of a peep from either Twitch or Xbox, the app is now available outside of the US, or at least it is here in Canada.


The Twitch app allows Xbox Live gold members to watch up to 300 different streams that are playing live on Twitch.TV. While the 300 limit is nowhere near how many channels there actually are available to watch, it’s not a bad slice of the programming on there. If games like League of Legends, Star Craft 2, or DOTA are your thing, then you’ll find more channels than you can shake a stick at streaming those, while some more unpopular and obscure games may be a little trickier to find. The app also doesn’t support chatting with the casters or streaming from your console and is simply just a way to view Twitch.TV streams, but hey, at least it’s there.

  • dioty

    its not on my xbox in Canada. or atleast i cannot find it anywhere

  • canadiangamer

    im in ontario canada south of toronto and I dont have twitch on my xbox so stop lying

    • The Juda

      Not lying. I’m in Toronto with a Canadian XBL account and it’s there. Event the screen has my gamertag on it,

  • Tairn

    BC canada; Can’t find it.

  • anon

    Xbox Canada list of apps:
    Xbox US list of apps:
    Twitch listed in US , not listed in Canada. The wikipedia page lists it as US only: . And as of today, I don’t see it as an option in the download. Double check your facts please, I’d love to watch Twitch on my Xbox, however it doesn’t seem to be the case.

  • dingle

    Wrong. Either registered to U.S. or straight up lying.

    • The Juda

      Alright, since it seems everyone thinks I’m lying, I’ll make a video tonight of it in action. On a Canadian account with Canadian only apps as well.

  • Voldemort 2000

    Y’all niggas be trippin’ if you think this shit matters enough to cause all this ruckus!

    I don’t know ’bout y’all but where I come from it’s a mighty big offence to call someone a liar, and a mighty big offence means you don’t waste it on dumb shit like app discussions.

    Step yo game up.

  • Voldemort 2000

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  • Jacob Takele

    Not in Alberta or anywhere else in Canada yet

  • Dirt

    Lying piece of shit. Theres no TwitchTV app for Canadian Xbox

  • Dirt

    Hey man… I sincerely apologize for that stupid rude comment I left earlier.. I have been having a very bad day.. City flooded and my car is trapped.. I apologize man… It indeed worked from that work around I saw in your comment to that other person. Thank you for this. I will leave another positive comment . Thank you.

  • Dirt

    TwitchTV is indeed AVAILABLE to Canadians. All you need to do is make an american account at and then log in to that account from xbox and find the TwitchTV app. Once you download it with your American account, Log back into your Canadian account and it will be in “My Apps” .. Thank you The Juda for this wonderful find. Thank you so much. I’m watching Starcraft I type this :)

    • The Juda

      No worries. Glad you got it working. I think it works for other US apps as well. Sorry to hear about the flooding, hope everything works out ok.