Xbox Live 2013 Dashboard Update Now Accepting Sign-Ups

beta sign up

The Xbox Live 2013 Dashboard Update is now accepting sign-ups through the Xbox 360 dashboard. For those that have been yearning to get rid of Microsoft Points in favor of real currency, now is your chance.

All Xbox Live users can apply for the beta (except those in Japan, which will be available at a later date) by clicking on the Beta tile on the front page of the dashboard which will then take you to a download and registration. It won’t download the beta right away, as it will take 1-2 business days for the signup to become final– if you are accepted into the program.

xbl beta

If you do accept the preview, keep in mind that you will be under a strict NDA which if broken, will remove your access to Xbox LIVE until the dashboard is released to the public in the Fall.

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