Kojima Admits Making MGS V Characters More “Erotic”


On the twitters today, Hideo Kojima, the Vice-President of Konami Digital and creator of the Metal Gear series announced that there would be a full CG data reveal for a character from the upcoming Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. In the earlier tweets, he said that he was asked for more information about a certain character, but was not allowed to give the information to an individual. As such, he has decided that on Friday, September 6th at at midnight (PST) he will officially release the CG data on the Konami portal to the general public.

The reasoning behind it is that apparently people have been asking for more details on the character known as “Quiet” and were wanting to cosplay as her at the Tokyo Game Show being held this September 19th-22nd. Being that the only view of the character was a brief scant seconds in the trailer that was released months ago, there’s not a lot to go on for those looking to dress up. Kojima also went on to say that the character designs have been made “more erotic” to appeal to cosplayers and figurines, but that it may not be possible to cosplay as the character and posted this image of her backside.


As for Kojima himself? Who does he look forward to seeing as cosplay the most?

Of course:)