Gamealism Guide to Gaming: Haunting: Starring Polterguy


So, if you missed this little gem back in the day, here’s a look at a game that is actually pretty interesting. It’s an isometric view of a household that you need to haunt the folks living inside of it until they run out in terror. The back story of the game varies, but it’s agreed upon that the family involved are the people that killed the weird green teenager (which is really horrible to have a dead kid as an antagonist) in the first place.

So basically, you need to frighten the family by possessing items in their house until they run away. The crappy part of the game is when you have to return to the underground area after you have run out of ectoplasm that allows you to spook the family. It’s half hour video where we deal with the first house and once you scare off the family they move to another house and you have to repeat jumping into items to spook the family again.