ObsCure Let’s Play Completed!


Well it took a little while–almost a year actually– to get around to finishing our first Let’s Play, but the day is finally here and the entirety of ObsCure is uploaded to our YouTube channel. It was a learning process for sure and I have no doubts that the next Let’s Play will happen quicker, more often, and with less issues.

There are a few parts (around eps. 8-10) where the audio is out of sync and the quality of video takes a dump. I was still figuring out the new capture device and it took some monkeying with, but I finally got it to where I am pleased with it by the end of the series. If you feel so inclined, you can watch our entire Let’s Play of ObsCure through the playlist link which “SHOULD” play the episodes in order, start to finish.

ObsCure was as the title says, an obscure game, so that’s why I wanted to see it through to the end and the next game we have planned is no different. It’s another title that I don’t think many people have played and it too is for the original Xbox, so stay tuned to see what’s comping up next!