Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes – XOF Patch Locations


During the intro scene to Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, Skull Face and company will toss nine XOF patches out of the helicopter they are leaving in. You can find each of these patches scattered about the area and once found, will open the Extra Op mission to play through once the main campaign is done. For PlayStation users it will be the Deja Vu Mission and for Xbox users it will be the Jamais Vu mission. Here’s where each of the patches can be found to unlock those missions.


Patch 1: This patch can be grabbed at any time, but might as well get it out of the way first. To retrieve it, you’ll need to shake it out of your belt. Drop to the ground and roll back and forth until a scene plays. Once it does, you can then pick it up from the ground.


Patch 2: From the very beginning of the mission, turn to the south and go to the cliff and you’ll find this on the very edge.


Patch 3: At the prison area, in the tiger cages where you find Chico and the other prisoners, find this on the ground as you go through the north gate.


Patch 4: For this patch, climb on top of the guard house just north of the prison camp.


Patch 5: In the tent area near the entrance of the mission, find this down the small hill and beside the stack of wooden planks.


Patch 6: Just north of the previous patch, you can find this in a small fenced in area with several white boxes. On top of the western most one will be the patch.


Patch 7: In the south center part of the helipad, look for this patch on the ground just south of the small bars around the light pole.


Patch 8: To the northeast, there is a small opening that you can crawl into to go underground. Drop down in to the western most opening to find the patch there.


Patch 9: Once you enter the main base area through the orange door on the eastern side, climb up to the roof on the right and on top of the vent will be the final patch.