MGS:GZ Deja Vu “Hard Trivia Challenge” Answers

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After you finish the Extra Ops mission in the PlayStation version of Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, you will be treated to a little trivia game where you can earn an extra goodie. Once you complete the Deja Vu mission on normal and answer each question correctly, you will receive the Solid Snake Polygonal character model. That’s kinda cool I guess, but the real prize is Grey Fox’s Cyborg Ninja costume you receive after you complete the trivia challenge on hard difficulty. If you haven’t polished up on your Metal Gear Solid 1 history lately, then the questions will be quite difficult, so to make things easier, here’s your cheat sheet!


Question 1: What did Snake call Otacon’s love for a certain female character?
Answer: Stockholm Syndrome


Question 2: When Octacon visited Snake at his cell after he was captured, he gave Sniper Wolf’s handkerchief, rations, ketchup, and what level security card?
Answer: Level 6


Question 3: Which boss character was not a member of the newly formed FOXHOUND unit?
Answer: Cyborg Ninja


Question 4: What was the name of the studio (later renamed to Kojima Productions) the developed MGS1?
Answer: KCE Japan


Question 5: In MGS1, who did Otacon fall in love with?
Answer: Sniper Wolf


Question 6: Johnny Sasaki ended up unconscious and unclothed outside the holding cells. In the Japanese version he wore boxer shorts to hide his private parts. How were they hidden in Western versions of the game?
Answer: Pixelization


Question 7: Snake attempted to give Meryl a handgun of which caliber?
Answer: 0.45


Question 8: After escaping the base, Snake and Meryl encountered a family of which animal?
Answer: Caribou


Question 9: In total, how many prototypes were made of the stealth camouflage Otacon developed?
Answer: 5


Question 10: What did the “PAL” in “PAL key” signify?
Answer: Permissive Action Link