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Gamealism is about games. Plain and simple.

Games are fun and thought provoking, and they can be an emotional roller coaster throughout. We here at Gamealism hope to show our readers just how games possess these attributes in our own fun and unique way. We are feature focused and aim to bring you entertaining articles, videos, and reviews to show you that gamealism is alive and well in this world!


Jeff McAllister


Having spent the better part of the past ten or so years freelancing for companies such as IGN, Gamespy, and Gamesradar, Gamealism is Jeff’s mad idea. He built it for the sole reason to allow writers to speak their minds with their own voices, to allow contributors to say what they want to freely, and to have an interactive community who feels the same way about games as we do.

Eric Pinero

Have something on your mind or a game you want reviewed? Eric is the man to see. Send us a line and we’ll see he gets it!.

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