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My Big, Dumb Face Plays….RBI Baseball ’14

So RBI Baseball ’14 came out recently and as a title many people have been curious about–myself included–we decided to give it a run on camera and see how it plays out. We gave it a run on the Xbox 360, but it is also available on the PS3 and next month for the PS4

5 Crazy Things South Park: The Stick of Truth Made Me Say

South Park isn’t the kind of show openly talked about at the water cooler. It’s the kind of show you and the strange guy from accounting recount in hushed voices in his cubical, reciting hilariously politically incorrect jokes that would easily earn you a few unpaid days at home if heard by your boss. South

Disney Infinity Review

Disney Infinity Review Addictively fun but could be dangerously expensive. Author: Jeff McAllister After its release, and once the initial skepticism passed, Skylanders — the experimental amalgam of collectible toys and videogames — proved to be a huge success for Activision and demonstrated that there was massive money to be made with the idea. Disney

Xbox Live 2013 Dashboard Update Now Accepting Sign-Ups

The Xbox Live 2013 Dashboard Update is now accepting sign-ups through the Xbox 360 dashboard. For those that have been yearning to get rid of Microsoft Points in favor of real currency, now is your chance.

Twitch.TV For Xbox 360 IN CANADA –in Action–

Apparently a lot of visitors have been kind enough to call me a liar in regards to the Twitch.TV app being available in Canada. I can only say “I’m not lying” so many times before I get annoyed, so here’s a video of it in action. On a Canadian account.

Twitch.TV App Arrives in Canada for Xbox 360

[UPDATE] Please refer to this post for a workaround. Thanks! A couple weeks ago the Twitch.TV live streaming app was finally launched on the Xbox 360 after months and months of being teased about its release. Unfortunately for gamers not living in the US of A, the service wasn’t available to them. As of today

Resident Evil Revelations Review

Resident Evil Revelations Review Author: Jeff McAllister In recent years, the Resident Evil games have been slowly descending into a festering pit of mediocrity. The once true survival-horror series has practically changed genres over the years, becoming full on action titles and doing away with any tension and suspense the series was known for. It’s

New Batman: Arkham Origins Screenshots Emerge

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has released five new screenshots from the upcoming Batman: Arkham Origins, which will be available Oct. 25th, 2013. The game, which is the third in the Arkham series of Batman games is being developed by WB Games Montréal and takes place several years before the first two games, Arkham Asylum and

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Review

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Review No, there isn’t a gun that shoots honey badgers…sadly. Author: Jeff McAllister If you could put two parts 80′s actions films, one part neon clothing of the era, and just a dash of hair band music riffs all into a blender, mix it high for ten minutes, and pour

Injustice: Gods Among Us – Ed Boon Interview [VIDEO]

Last week in Toronto, Mortal Kombat co-creator Ed Boon was showing off his recently released title Injustice: Gods Among Us. Friend of the site and gaming biz renaissance man, Justin Amirkhani (@Keadin) had a chance to ask some questions covering his view on the resurgence of the fighting genre, characters that he would have liked

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